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It’s hard to remember when I first got into cooking. My dad was a chef, and I was always inspired by some of the great ways he put food together as I was growing up. On one of our first family trips abroad my eyes were opened to the variety of ingredients out in the world and the possibilities of what could be made with food, and I think it’s after coming home from Spain when I really began to start experimenting with my own recipes.

For me, cooking is all about creativity and passion. I never fail to be excited by the vast range of flavours and textures available to work with, and how there is always more to discover. With food, you never stop learning, and each year as the world gets smaller more and more ingredients and techniques come into light, keeping it fresh and interesting year after year.

I’ve created a lot of fun dishes over the years, from small meals for one or two people to large dinner parties in stately homes. I always loved to cook, but mostly kept it as a hobby. When I met my current girlfriend, she was so surprised by some of the food I made for us that she kept taking pictures, and started uploading them to a Facebook page she called ‘Coops Cooks’ as a lighthearted way to share what I made with our family and friends. Over time, the page grew and I started getting requests for recipes and reviews on local restaurants, making Coops Cooks a mixture of my journey with cooking and my thoughts on what others are doing in the food world.

I want Coops Cooks to be a useful place for people to learn about food and to get inspired by what they are able to make. It’s easy to make restaurant-quality meals at home, even if just once a month, and cooking is an ideal way to express your individuality and create things you wouldn’t have believed you were capable of.

Thanks for joining me on my journey so far!